golden city

street sculpture

12 gold rats have been set up somewhere in Tokyo

We have put “Twelve Pieces of Gold Rats” on the street in Tokyo, somewhere on the window of a building, on a surveillance camera, or a museum fence, etc. We decided conditions of the installed locations as “Location is exciting,” “Remains it as long as possible,” and “Everyone can see it 24h.” The search for exciting places/things in the city has always been our life work. Then we selected sites where we are out for a stroll daily. In recent years, the cityscape of Tokyo has changed drastically, and interesting places and landscapes are quickly declining. The life of “Gold Rats” is with shifting the view of our city. Although it is a small work, we think it will function as a reference point for observing changes in the city, in other words, our map.


Also, in modern times, we use gold as an investment object and decorative material. On the other hand, in the gold standard, the currency itself was a substitute for gold, and it was the basis of the economy. Considering the above, the concept of this work is to exchange gold (rat) and (small) real estate where it has put on without using the currency.

At present, the rat of gold is cheaper than the small real estate. However, if this golden rat goes on rising in value as art in the future, it may exceed real estate. This work is also a game that competes with Real Estate, Currency, Gold, Art, and various values from a long-term perspective.